April 27, 2021

How SampleArchive helped a research lab implement custom bio-inventory management SOPs for improved efficiency.

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A National University of Singapore (NUS) lab found discrepancies between their manifest of clinical specimen aliquots and the sample vials on hand.

Inventory inaccuracies such as these may compromise subsequent storage retrieval and lab operations. A solution was needed to better manage these sample aliquots.


  • The lab needed to eliminate the existing discrepancies between the manifest and actual products.
  • A revamped, intuitive solution was sought to efficiently manage and inventorize the lab’s clinical aliquots moving forward.


  • Consultation and detailed discussion with SampleArchive led to the solution where the lab begin to assign an unique identifier to each aliquot sample from every collection timepoint with their sample manifest.
  • SampleArchive supported the lab with customised sample storage boxes to better store the sample aliquots. Beyond better means of storage, Trained staff from SampleArchive also aided to lab to check, QC, and track in each of aliquots identifier into the our web-based BIOSTrak inventory software.
  • SampleArchive assisted the lab to perform a 100% stock-take. Outliers within the existing storage inventory manifests across different storage users were identified and reconciled.


  • The client lab is now able to track and locate each of the stored sample aliquots easily and accurately.
  • The customer can recall any sample aliquot vial without having to recall the entire cryobox to the lab.
  • The existing discrepancies were eliminated resulting in saved time and manpower efforts as well as reduced conveyance costs during sample recall from storage.

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