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Our Philosophy

SampleArchive is dedicated and committed to quality, safety and sustainability in biosample management for our partners.


Vision In 2007, we started with a vision to provide a one-stop solution, with quality bio-repository and conveyance services so that health professionals have peace of mind to focus on their expertise, and to ensure the integrity of bio-specimens in Singapore.


Mission Our mission is to create unrivaled biosample management solutions to the best of industry practices.

Our Customers’ Needs (dark-blue shapes)
The upper half symbolizes our
customers’ core lab services and
specialties, while the bottom half
represents patients’ well-being – the
fundamental reason why biological and environmental samples are collected,
tirelessly tested, protected.
SampleArchive’s services serve to bridge
these 2 quadrants.

Our Core Services (light-blue S shape)
The dynamic S shape in the middle
represents SampleArchive’s three nuclei
services in Bio-Repository,
Bio-Conveyance, Bio-Inventory.
It demonstrates SampleArchive’s adaptability and value-add to our
customer’s endeavour to achieve intended outcomes in patients’ care and clinical research.

Our Service Culture (green dots)
The green dots symbolize
SampleArchive’s constant strive to
connect our offered services with our
customers’ changing needs. Always dependable, responsive and timely.

Meet The Team

Meet our motivated individuals who are committed to deliver differentiating and satisfying experience to our customers while maintaining conformance in every step of the way to ensure our time critical services and temperature sensitive products are well delivered.


We are certified professionals holding the relevant industry certifications and licenses for safe, audit-compliant delivery and beyond.


Each team member is thoroughly trained in proper handling and quality management procedures to ensure your samples are always in good hands.


We are dedicated to providing you the best biosample management services and solutions in a sustainable partnership.

Our teams are:

  • Certified in IATA Dangerous Goods Division 6.2 & Class 9
  • Trained in CAP, GLP, GCP, IATA, PHMC, WSH requirements
  • Trained to pack and handle cryogenic bio-specimens for conveyance
  • Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  • Trained in full in-house quality procedures and SOPs
  • Licensed to transport biological agents