April 30, 2021

Time-critical delivery of stem cell products for hospitals and patients using SampleArchive Bio-Conveyance.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital are three of the several hospitals requiring transportation of stem cell products when their transplant patients need it. Transporting stem cell products is time-critical; any delay could have significant negative impact to the patients concerned. Punctuality is key to saving lives.

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Since 2014, SampleArchive has been specialising in strict temperature-controlled bio-conveyance to ensure transplant-related products are safely transported on time for the patients who need them.


  • Time-critical bio-conveyance services were required as every minute was critical to the patients awaiting transfusion. Reliable timely delivery was necessary for doctors to safely administer the stem cell products to the patients.
  • Stem cell products are temperature-sensitive and require careful handling to ensure they stay within the appropriate temperature range without incurring damage.
  • The hospitals require very reliable conveyance solutions as these products are not only time-sensitive, they are also critically temperature-sensitive.


  • Door-to-door dedicated bio-conveyance teams are rapidly activated and dispatched by SampleArchive on short notice from the hospitals and labs.
  • Supported by a team of SampleArchive’s bio-conveyance trained specialists, such stem cell products are packed and sealed for transportation according to Ministry of Health guidelines in Singapore.
  • SampleArchive provides real-time ETA and live updates to the labs and hospitals throughout the delivery process.
  • SampleArchive follows industry-standard SOPs for collection and handover that ensure compliance with full chain of evidence records. Further, teams are trained in handling procedures for HazMat incidents (TERP).


  • The hospitals were assured that their stem cell products were handled by a team of capable and highly trained team, based on a set of auditable procedures.
  • The stem cell products were safely delivered in perfect condition, on time, making it possible for successful transplants to save patients’ lives. Since 2014, SampleArchive has completed close to 1,000 such stringent shipments.

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