Bio-Conveyance Solutions

Always Ready

Whenever you need, we offer a range of controlled-temperature solutions to ensure your samples are always transported safely.

Always Reliable

Best-practice sample handling procedures ensure shipment integrity, every time. Fully validated and documented conveyance offers peace of mind.

Always Timely

Precision delivery? Our speciality. Time-sensitive services ensure that collection and delivery can be scheduled to suit your exact needs.

Equipment & Features

View key features and selected equipment used in our controlled-temperature ground conveyance services.

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Shippers for Cold-Chain Conveyance

Our shipper range includes:

  • LN2 Dry Shipper (-196ºC)
  • Ultra Low Dry Ice (-70ºC to -80ºC)
  • Frozen Gel Pack Shipper (-20ºC to -40ºC)
  • Chilled Shipper (2ºC to 8ºC)
  • Controlled Ambient Shipper (15ºC to 24ºC)
  • Protected Ambient Shipper (below 27ºC)

Pre-Conditioned Shippers

SampleArchive uses validated transport shippers that are in compliance with IATA
standards and BATA regulations.

Upon service activation, shippers are pre-conditioned to the required temperature prior to deployment.

Ready Packing Materials

SampleArchive uses high quality leak-proof and
95KPa puncture-proof specimen storage bags, available in a few sizes.

We also maintain dry ice, frozen and refrigerated gel packs on active standby, to be ready for any condition.

Documented Shipment Conditions

For every shipment, validated temperature loggers are employed and trip statistics are tracked. All data can be provided on request.

Our incident response protocol also ensures any out-of-specification event is reported and investigated.

Your important samples are in safe hands with SampleArchive.

Real-Time Job Status

Our MDS application is convenient and easy to use; all data is protected and secure.

Other than receiving the end-of-shipment report, customers may login to initiate job requests, check job status, and retrieve relevant job details anytime, anywhere.

Audit-Ready Protocols

The Bio-Conveyance service is ever-ready to support audit requests.

SampleArchive can provide supporting data, reports and documentation as needed to meet audit requirements as well as comply with audit procedures as needed.

Accredited Professional Team

SampleArchive maintains strict compliance to Singapore BATA regulations. Our transportation team possess valid HAZMAT Transport Driver Permit, licensed to transport biological agents.

The entire SampleArchive Bio-Conveyance operational team are trained and certified in IATA Dangerous Goods Division 6.2 & Class 9, experienced in handling and packing biological agents, as well as good practical knowledge with CAP, GLP, GDP, GCP standards, IATA DG UN2814/UN2900/UN3373 requirements, PHMC, WSH regulations and other relevant industry guidelines related to biological storage and transportation.

In-House Fleet

The Bio-Conveyance fleet and team is based out of SampleArchive’s Bio-Repository Facility, where our equipment and shipper storage is located.

End-to-End Service

Flexible Format

Choose from flexible formats that
best meet your needs.

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SampleArchive is accredited by: