May 3, 2021

How SampleArchive’s short-term freezer rental service ensured research specimen integrity during an unexpected equipment outage in a research institute’s lab.

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A local academic research institute noticed one of their freezers was not functioning as it should be during routine checks. They reached out to SampleArchive for emergency support.


  • From the instance the equipment failure was flagged, a time-critical solution was needed to maintain the temperature-sensitive stored specimen’s integrity.


  • SampleArchive assessed the situation and identified suitable available equipment from our own BCP (Business Continuity Plan) equipment stores and dispatched them for immediate transportation to the client research institute. Backup -30ºC freezers were transported to the research institute for immediate use as an interim storage while the faulty equipment underwent the necessary servicing.


  • The stored research specimen’s integrity was not compromised due to the BCP equipment available for short-term lease from SampleArchive and the quick response service from the SampleArchive team.
  • The flexible arrangement allowed the client research institute to take time to identify the best course of action while ensuring their research samples remained safe and protected.

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