April 28, 2021

How biomedical fridge rental and onsite logistical support helped a health sciences agency keep their blood-derivative products protected during 4 deg c cold-room downtime.

A local health sciences agency required temporary additional cold storage for their critical blood-related products as their cold room was scheduled for maintenance downtime.

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  • Their storage requirements included stringent compliance with temperature and temperature mapping needs, as well as customised storage bins and rack systems for their products and specimens.


  • After understanding the requirements and considerations from the lab’s point of contact, SampleArchive provided multiple 2-8ºC fridges with custom bin and rack setups to ensure the client agency’s products and specimens were adequately stored as contingency plan.
  • A team from SampleArchive was dispatched for onsite logistical support. All equipment was temperature mapped and set up per the agency’s requirements before being operationally commissioned by SampleArchive.


  • The products were transferred safely and the integrity of the products and specimens were protected.
  • The operation did not compromise the day-to-day activities at the agency’s labs.

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