Bio-Repository Solutions

Reliable Storage

Validated equipment and a secure storage facility is backed by robust risk-management for 24/7 365 reliability and sample integrity.

Efficient Sample Management

Best-practice sample handling procedures ensure operations are smooth, effective and audit-friendly across sample lifecycles.

Capacity On-Demand

No space? No problem. Ensure your storage needs are always met with our rental solutions for space and equipment.

Equipment & Facilities

View key features of the Bio-Repository facility and selected range of equipment.

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Freezers for Biosample Storage

Our freezer range includes:

  • Cyrogenic Storage (-140ºC to -150ºC)
  • Ultra Low-Temp Storage (-70ºC to -80ºC)
  • Freezer Storage (-20ºC to – 40ºC)

Beyond freezers, we can also accommodate:

  • Refrigerated Storage (2ºC to 8ºC)
  • Ambient Storage (10ºC to 30ºC)
  • Air-conditioned warehouse space

24/7 Temperature Monitoring

Our Bio-Repository freezers are fitted with temperature monitors to ensure environmental stability for your samples.

There are pre-set standard upper and lower temperature thresholds. Any out of range incident will immediately trigger an alert to SampleArchive team to ensure sample integrity.

Any unusual incidents will be followed up by post-incident report for internal review and documented accountability.

Regular Equipment Validation

SampleArchive storage equipment are well-serviced and validated periodically to ensure optimal performance, reliable data and sample integrity.

CO2, LN2 & Storage Space Backup

The Bio-Repository facility is ready with secondary backup to support any unplanned incident.

Validated LCO2 backup and storage space backup is available for contingency use.

Secure, Managed Facility

The Bio-Repository facility and storage site is secure and protected from unauthorised access.

Audit-Ready Site & Protocols

The Bio-Repository facility is ever-ready to support site inspection requests.

SampleArchive can provide supporting data, reports and documentation as needed to meet audit requirements as well as comply with audit procedures as needed.

ISO9001 SOP Compliance

All Bio-Repository operations are governed by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that comply with ISO9001.

All incoming receipts and outgoing recalls are properly checked, validated and recorded by the professional SampleArchive team.

Features & Benefits

Flexible Format

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Short-Term Storage

Long-Term Archival

Dedicated Equipment

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Short-Term Storage

Long-Term Archival

Dedicated Equipment

Shared Equipment

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SampleArchive is accredited by: