Bio-Inventory Solutions

Maximise Efficiency

Our intelligent end-to-end inventory software eliminates mundane, manual tasks and frees lab users to refocus on higher value activities. Teams can now work smarter, not harder

Embed Accuracy

Centralizing and validation data in a single source, coupled with approval workflows and auto task notifications, ensures your inventory are managed appropriately and timely throughout its lifecycle, no misses.

Unlock Visibility

Organizations using BIOSTrak gain point-in-time visibility into the entire storage performance, equip leaders with the inteligence needed to manage cost and investment decisions. Suport your financial goals.

BIOSTrak Overview

How BIOSTrak supports better Bio-Inventory.

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User-Friendly Interface

Designed to be suitable for lab end-users from day one.

Web-based system access for authorised users ensures efficient and smooth workflows, from processing samples to managing equipment and inventory across sites and projects.

Superior Sample Management

Manage bio-inventory through total lifecycle in the course of your routine lab operations.

BIOSTrak is designed with system support to accommodate samples tagged with unique ID across standard industry lifecycle stages.

Better Storage Management

Easily manage capacity, equipment and storage setups and specific inventory item locations across multiple sites. Have total inventory oversight.

Easy Reporting & Audits

Schedule reports or download reports on demand from all the available system data across stored inventory, equipment, storage capacity and user activities.

Easy for internal and external reporting.

BIOSTrak Features

Flexible Format

Hassle-free Bio-Inventory, from today. Use BIOSTrak as a tool or tap into SampleArchive’s bio-inventory expertise to design your inventory operations for maximum control and efficiency.

BIOSTrak Software


BIOSTrak Onboarding Service

Bio-Inventory Support

Offsite – Bio-Inventory Manpower Deployment

Onsite – Bio-Inventory Management at SampleArchive

Bio-Inventory Advisory

Bio-Inventory Custom Solutioning

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