April 29, 2021

How a university lab uses SampleArchive’s bio-repository facility as their secondary storage site as part of their Business Continuity Plan.

A university laboratory was developing a Business Continuity Plan as part of Corrective Action raised in a certification audit. The client lab consulted SampleArchive to help design a Business Continuity Plan that would address their needs of contingency storage for temperature-sensitive research specimens.

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  • The client lab required -80ºC and -150ºC storage space on short notice, should any unplanned events occur that put the samples at risk.
  • No adequate additional floorspace was currently available at the lab’s premises for new equipment.


  • One of active SampleArchive’s sites (a 10-minute drive away from the university) was designated as a proxy site for the client lab via a long-termed leasing agreement.
  • SampleArchive was able to reserve adequate contingency storage using spare -80ºC and -150ºC freezers within SAS’s site for the lab’s usage.
  • This was reflected in the client lab’s new Business Continuity Plan.


  • The proposal was tested to success and implemented. Today, the client lab’s Business Continuity Plan with SampleArchive is fully operational.
  • SAS and the customer lab has operationalized a ready solution to store up to 20% of their samples load at SampleArchive’s facility as part of the plan.
  • The lab was also able to address their certification audit’s Corrective Action adequately.

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