April 21, 2021

How a life-sciences company met strict audit requirements using SampleArchive’s Bio-Conveyance services.

A private life-sciences company in Singapore needed to hand over sensitive biospecimens to a recipient. The conveyance process had to meet stringent documentation requirements for audit purposes.

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  • Beyond the safe delivery and integrity of the biospecimen to be transported, the client company required detailed formal documentation of the conveyance process across multiple parameters.
  • An appropriate third-party bio-conveyance specialist with the capabilities to support such documentation was required.


  • SampleArchive’s turnkey bio-conveyance services include proper documentation that met the client company’s requirements.
  • SampleArchive provided validated temperature loggers, temperature data, and trip statistics.
  • The collection and handover of specimens from the client company to the recipient location was done in accordance to regulatory SOPs and were fully documented.


  • The bio-specimens were safely and successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • Every step through post-shipment, collection, conveyance, delivery and handover to the recipient was documented in detail by SampleArchive.
  • The client company was successfully audited using the proper documentation provided by SampleArchive.

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