April 20, 2021

How a research lab migrated from spreadsheets to BIOSTrak for hassle-free bio-inventory management.

A Singapore-based vaccine business unit of a regional Biotech Company, hosts a laboratory for analytics and development of vaccines to protect against important infectious diseases in the region.

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The business unit realised its existing excel-based lab inventory management system was inadequate; inefficiencies such as missing or untracked products consistently led to unclear information on product availability. Compared to actual value-added research work, too much time was spent on working around or rectifying these system gaps during daily lab operations.

A better system was needed and the lab turned to SampleArchive to implement BIOSTrak.


  • The Excel tracking system did not provide the lab users with sufficient insight into real-time product availability. Users had difficulties getting the latest information; time was spent attempting to identify and retrieve the accurate data logs across multiple versions of spreadsheets.
  • It was also time-consuming to manually administer, maintain and update the current system.
  • The lab did not have the existing manpower capacity to maintain a database solution, nor did they want to invest in dedicated IT manpower resources to adopt any such solution.
  • The lab was also concerned that moving to a new system would disrupt lab activities.


  • SampleArchive proposed to implement BIOSTrak, a web-based inventory system designed specifically for the purpose of managing biospecimen inventory with added security features.
  • As a web-based system, BIOSTrak did not require the partner lab to invest in new hardware outside of the existing computers and devices already in use at the lab. Further, any device with a web-browser could potentially be configured for system access, not limited to only the existing lab computers.
  • In moving to the new system, the data porting process was swift and did not disrupt lab activities. BIOSTrak supports multiple data entry methods and features, including Manual data input; Barcode scan and auto-verification; Data upload from Excel, Offline scanning or entry, etc.
  • BIOSTrak was designed to be end-user friendly. Lab personnel may interact directly with the intuitive BIOSTrak interface. No additional IT or database personnel are needed to maintain the system and keep it updated.
  • SampleArchive’s team provided training and guidance to the customer as part of the BIOSTrak onboarding process.


  • BIOSTrak was implemented to replace the previous Excel system.
  • With BIOSTrak, the customer lab now has a comprehensive and accurate real-time view of product availability and inventory status at all times.
  • Lab personnel spend less time maintaining and keeping the system updated.
  • BIOSTrak was implemented to replace the previous Excel system.
  • It is now easy, efficient and accurate to check inventory balance of products and view user logs on access or updates to any inventory data.
  • The lab can focus their time and efforts on more value-added research, development and analytical work, rather than locating missing products or reconciling inventory.

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