April 23, 2021

How SampleArchive’s Facility BCP SOPs Protects Your Samples From Downtime.

Clients using SampleArchive’s bio-repository facilities include government statutory boards, hospitals, clinical research organisations, research and academic institutions, and life sciences companies.

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Client stakeholders wanted assurance that stored samples would not be at integrity risk at SampleArchive’s bio-repository facility should there be any power shutdowns and storage equipment outages.


  • SampleArchive has a comprehensive set of SOPs and a multi-prong BCP and execution plans to protect all samples stored within our facility during any power outage.
  • Business Continuity Plan SOPs are annually tested and validated. SampleArchive runs routine practises for our Operations team to response to any possible unplanned outages.
  • A risk management plan and backup preparation are always in place to protect all stored samples against routine annual building maintenance that necessitates a power shutdown, or any unwanted and unexpected outage events.


  • All samples were protected and safe during all power outage or equipment outage scenarios.

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