April 19, 2021

Avoid wastage and expired products by using BIOSTrak’s automated FIFO/FEFO alerts

A local distributor for lab reagents had a consistently high amount of wastage from expired products. This was because staff would send out products that were most accessible in storage without regard to shelf-life.

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This wastage was avoidable if the distributor had a better inventory management system capable of supporting a FIFO (First in First out) or FEFO (First expired First out) policy.


  • The client needed to implement a FIFO/FEFO system to better manage their reagents products, while making it easy to adopt for both operations and administrative staff.


SampleArchive suggested the client implement BIOSTrak for inventory management to support a new FEFO policy:

  • BIOSTrak could be used to inventorise the client’s products.
  • BIOSTrak automatically notify users if stored products were due for expiry’ and needed to be used up first.
  • BIOSTrak automatically prompts users of any outgoing product shipments due.
  • Automated email or dashboard alerts could be set up to notify users on expiring or soon to expire products within the stored inventory.


  • BIOSTrak has helped the client to significantly reduce wastage.
  • An ongoing, hassle-free inventory system has been established where there is no longer a need to actively worry about product expiry.

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